How Music Saves Us

How Music Saves Us

This is the thing all musicians have in common, I’ve found, whether it’s a successful singer who’s found a career they love, a guitarist who looks forward to weekend gigs with their friends, or the not-too-athletic middle-schooler who realizes they can impress their friends with ragtime. Music came into their lives and made it better, maybe a lot better.

Sending Them On

Sending Them On

Every spring I wrestle with whether I should keep my little ones near by becoming their piano teacher instead of sending them off to other teachers. If I did that I could watch them grow week by week, coach their recital pieces, and help them choose what to play at school talent shows. In educational parlance this is called “looping,” when the teacher and student advance together to the next level. For me it’s called not letting go.

Community Music Day

Please join us for our first annual 

Community Music Day!

Sept. 10, 2016 at Holy Nativity Church and Fellowship Hall

All proceeds benefit Music Tree, our nonprofit program dedicated to bringing more music to more children.

Here’s what’s in store…stay for the whole time, or drop by for just a part.


Featuring: Mark Balling, Eleonora Boreyko, Susie Chung, Heather Crawford, Nir Eitan, Elisabeth Ekornes, James Higgs, Sophia Kahn, Daniel Linder, Rebecca Rice, Polly Schaffner

2:30 MUSIC AND ART FOR LITTLE ONES  (Fellowship Hall)

A time to play and sing for ages 0-6. Children under 3 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 3-6 may be dropped off as long as they have a grownup on the premises, such as at the Faculty Concert.

4:00 FOOD AND VISITING (Fellowship Hall)

4:00 BAND JAM (Fellowship Hall)

An opportunity for intermediate and advanced students, as well a interested parents, to sit in with teachers and professional musicians Dave Green, Beau Simpson, Alan Silva, and Hiroo Nakano. Please drop off 4 copies of your lead sheet to the office by Sept. 1. Students should work on their piece with their teacher. Advance registration strongly suggested.


Suggested donation: $30 per family, in advance; $40 at the door

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% goes to provide music lessons and classes to children who may not otherwise receive them. The teachers are volunteering their time and Musical Beginnings absorbs all event costs.

Summer Flashcard Challenge

Here's our summer activity:

A Flashcard Challenge that students can do in their lessons. No fee or advance signup required...super easy!

Here's how it works:

  1. Students see how many music flashcards they can do in one minute.  (Teachers will place them in either the A,B, or C group according to their level.)
  2. Their score is recorded on a chart in their lesson room and also online.
  3. They do this 6 times between now and the end of August.
  4. At the end of the summer the highest score in each group receives a $10 itunes card or a music pin. (Their choice.)  There will also be prizes for Most Improved Scores.  
  5. All participants who complete the 6-week challenge will receive a certificate. 

If students want to practice for the challenge outside the lesson, they can buy flashcards from us or at Amazon. You can also get the Music Tutor app for your phone or tablet; it's very good.

Although the students' scores will be recorded in their lesson rooms (or on a chart their teacher carries if their lessons are in-home), they will be competing with everyone in the studio. Check the blog at the end of the summer to see the results!

Foundations Class Graduates

Congratulations to our new Foundations Graduates! We're so proud of them. Now they are ready to start learning an instrument.