Lesson Policies

  • Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month, in advance for the month. Depending upon the teacher, this is either paid by check to your teacher on the first lesson day of each month or charged automatically to your credit card through the studio. 
  • Tuition covers four lessons a month. When a month has five lesson days in it, the fifth is used to balance out a month that has only had three lessons in it due to a holiday or scheduled teacher absence. 
  • Tuition is not prorated for missed lessons. Rescheduling a lesson requires at least 48-hour notice given directly to your teacher. Make-ups for lessons missed with this notice will be given as soon as time becomes available in your teacher’s schedule or on a designated make-up day. If sufficient notice is not given for a missed lesson, the student forfeits that lesson and tuition is used to hold the spot. In the event of sudden illness we try to be flexible, but a make-up cannot be guaranteed unless the teacher has had adequate time to temporarily fill your slot with another student.