School Connections

Musical Beginnings is just minutes away from over 20 elementary and middle schools, with lesson scheduling that can accommodate both regular and early-release days. Below are some local schools and our distance from them:

Amino Westside Charter School, 10 minutes (2.7 miles) 

Cowan Avenue Elementary School, 2 minutes (.4 miles)

Culver City Middle School, 15 minutes (4 miles) 

El Marino Language School, 10 minutes (2.9 miles)

Farragut Elementary School, 12 minutes (4 miles)

Goethe International Charter School, 10 minutes (3.6 miles)

Kentwood Elementary School, 2 minutes (.5 miles)

Loyola Village Elementary School, 5 minutes (1.6 miles)

Ocean Charter School, Mar Vista Campus, 10 minutes (3.8 miles)

Ocean Charter School, Westchester Campus, 5 minutes (1.8 miles)

Open Magnet Charter School, 8 minutes (2 miles)

Orville Wright Middle School—right across the street!

Paseo del Rey Natural Science Magnet, 8 minutes (2.4 miles)

Playa Vista Elementary School, 7 minutes (1.9 miles)

St Anastasia School, 5 minutes (1.6 miles)

St Mark School, 15 minutes (4 miles)

St. Jerome School, 8 minutes (2.1 miles)

Visitation School, 3 minutes  (.8 miles)

Westchester Lutheran School, 3 minutes  (.9 miles)

Westport Heights Elementary School, 4 minutes (1.1 miles)

Westside Neighborhood School, 9 minutes (2.7 miles)

WISH Charter School—right across the street!

Musical Beginnings proudly supports the fundraising efforts of local schools through the regular donation of instruments and lessons.