Guitar & Bass Lessons

We teach several styles of guitar, from classical to pop, jazz and rock. We encourage a blend of learning chords from favorite songs while also spending time on note reading. Once students know the basics, they are welcome to bring in recordings of music they like and the teacher will help them learn the guitar parts. Students may use either an acoustic or an electric guitar. All of our teachers have degrees in music and are also working professional musicians familiar with both popular and classical music. We recommend 8 or 9 as a good starting age, but younger children can sometimes start with a smaller guitar. We teach guitar in private one-on-one lessons, thirty minutes weekly. Electric bass lessons are also available.

Ukulele Lessons

We offer ukulele instruction either on its own for 30 minutes a week or as part of a Sing & Strum curriculum in 45- or 60-minute lessons, which can also be taken with a friend or family member. Sing & Strum lessons include both separate instruction in vocal and ukulele technique as well as time to put it all together.

Guitar, bass and ukulele students will need to have their own instrument to bring to lessons and practice on at home.  (Electric guitar students do not need to bring an amp, though.)  We have guitars of different sizes for students to use at the first lesson if they are doing a trial and not yet sure what type of instrument to purchase.  We don’t rent or sell instruments but will be happy to give you recommendations to local stores.

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