Violin & Viola Lessons

Our string program includes beginning through advanced violin and viola lessons. Students are taught in individual 30-minute weekly lessons, which can expand to 45- or 60-minute lessons as the student becomes more advanced. We recommend 6 as a good starting age for violin but will consider younger students in some cases. For students 5 and younger, we first recommend our Exploring Music and Foundations classes as a way to become acquainted with music fundamentals before starting an instrument.

Violin is a good choice as a first instrument for young beginners because the size of the instrument can be fitted to the child and it’s excellent for developing a good ear for pitch and tone early on. Older children and adults enjoy violin because of its beautiful tone and versatility…violin music encompasses all eras of classical music as well as pop, jazz, and country. Many of our violin students participate in school and community orchestras and ensembles.

Students will need to have their own instrument to bring to lessons and practice on at home. We have violins of different sizes for students to use at their first lesson if they are doing a trial and not yet sure what type of instrument to purchase. We don’t rent or sell instruments but will be happy to give you recommendations to local stores.

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