Summer Flashcard Challenge

Here's our summer activity:

A Flashcard Challenge that students can do in their lessons. No fee or advance signup required...super easy!

Here's how it works:

  1. Students see how many music flashcards they can do in one minute.  (Teachers will place them in either the A,B, or C group according to their level.)
  2. Their score is recorded on a chart in their lesson room and also online.
  3. They do this 6 times between now and the end of August.
  4. At the end of the summer the highest score in each group receives a $10 itunes card or a music pin. (Their choice.)  There will also be prizes for Most Improved Scores.  
  5. All participants who complete the 6-week challenge will receive a certificate. 

If students want to practice for the challenge outside the lesson, they can buy flashcards from us or at Amazon. You can also get the Music Tutor app for your phone or tablet; it's very good.

Although the students' scores will be recorded in their lesson rooms (or on a chart their teacher carries if their lessons are in-home), they will be competing with everyone in the studio. Check the blog at the end of the summer to see the results!